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Posted on tumblr what we saw this weekend round town and did not take.


What we did take:
Just around the corner:
28 proper books*. Mostly archaeology**. One book about cats.
21 booklets, thin books, hand books, and archaeology magazine issues.
3 large boxes.
Loads of images, photos, and postcards of actual digs - did not take mostly.
Mega loads of archaeology papers and writing and notebooks. Didn't take.
1 mug with medieval stuff on it - several more novelty mugs we didn't take.
1 cat figurine thingie for hanging on wall. Whoever this person was, they were cool.

A bit further down the road:
1 good small round chair for the computer.
Several big papers for oil painting.
1 medium sized canvas for same.
1 old cool scrabble board which we might just hang on the wall for what it looks like.
Hidden in with the scrabble for some odd reason, a small metal oval box with a painting of a 1920s lady. May be that old.

Around our small town:
1 corked and sealed bottle of truffle oil. Not gonna use for food, but what a gorgeous bottle.
1 large calendar of fantasy art. Probably will hang several of the pictures.
3 sort of metal net bassinets thingies which will be useful.
1 bit of thick beautiful counter wood for to block the bit behind the fridge where the cats keep trying to sneak, just back to our street.

Photos to come.

*When we took the corner, there was already a guy going through the books. Luckily, he was there for the French. We were there for the English. I think he took a few English ones earlier, but it didn't matter that much, there was plenty to share. There were also German books. Seriously, whoever threw these, was cool.

(Credit to baronjanus for making the list and posting before me).

Will post pics here, and a list of the books, if there's interest.

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