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So, yesterday I rediscovered a bit of fic I wrote in 2003, which I had completely forgotten about. Nice surprise. Not badly written.
And I got curious about the characterisation, or at least, how much of it came from the reader's knowledge of the fandom. To what extent is this piece transferable.
So, I've decided to repost, without identifying markers, and leave it up to the readers to fill in the characters. Please let me know who you were thinking of, what character vibes you got. I'm curious about this. If you know what this was originally written for, don't tell the others. Open-endedness is the point of this game.

ETA: I don't mean 'Guess what I originally wrote". I mean "Tell me which characters you're picturing as you read it, based on your own preferences".

Title: No Control
Author: CeruleanCat
Fandom/Pairing: Reader's choice
Category: Slash
Rating: Nothing much happening yet.
Word count: 305
Summary: It's a tug of war in his mind, flinching yet eager.
Feedback: So rare, I don't actually expect any. So it would be appreciated all the more.

Title: No Control )
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"Fucking With Your Head: My Clown Fic"
Author: Baronjanus
Pairing: Sam Carver/Bobby (Can I just say "Mark Harmon and Hugh Dillon"? Not RPS, just characters they play.
Sam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bhr6g5SYZfg&feature=player_detailpage#t=176s
Bobby: http://anonym.to/?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlfUCnqrBMA

Adam wrote this following my request. And I keep wanting to pimp this in NCIS places, because, how many times does Harmon's Sam Carver character get slashed? But I don't know where to link it.
Where does one pimp Harmon-related fic?
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Title: A Cop Walks Into A Bar...
Author: Baronjanus
Fandoms: Flashpoint, Due South, Due South once more with slash, NCIS, and back again.
Characters: Ed Lane, Ray Vecchio, Ray Kowalski, Tony DiNozzo
Summary: a cop walks into a bar (Five things, 100 words each)
Rating: incredibly tame.

Title: If I Leave Here Tomorrow
Author: Baronjanus
Fandom: Californication, Buffy
Warning: het
Rating: sex drugs and rock n' roll
Characters: Lew Ashby, Janie Jones
Summary: she was a slayer who didn't want to be, he was a half-demon who had no choice
Snippets; Due South, Good Omens, Hard Core Logo

Firefly/Brisco County, 4 drabbles, feat. Vera

Romance in a Consumerist Society
Fandom: Twitch City
Pairing: Newbie/Guy in the Convenience Store (that's what the imdb credit says)
Rating: adult
Summary: every now and again, something interesting happens in the store...
Count: just over the 1500 words
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Adam posted another instalment in the Wake Up Call verse. This is Abby (and Ashby) centred, parallel to the main timeline. There'll be a massive update of the main storyline in the next few weeks.

It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It)
Author: Baronjanus
Genre: Het
Fandom: NCIS, Californication
Pairing: Abby/Ashby
Rating: adult with womanbits
Kinks: het. I SAID HET. Also: hinted femdom?
Summary: Abby met him at a gig
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Series Title: Wake-up Call
Author: Baronjanus
Genre: Slash
Ratings: Varying depending on specific chapters G to NC-17
Series warnings: slash; kink/fetish

Series Summary: relationships develop, people finding out things about themselves, about others; it's a wake up call, all around

Characters/Pairings: Gibbs, Palmer, Ducky, Tony
Currently: Gibbs/Palmer, Gibbs/Ducky, and implied/UST/pre-slash pairings: Palmer/Ducky, Gibbs/Tony, Palmer/Tony (additional past pairings mentioned in specific fics, and one crossover with QAF UK)

Wake Up Call: index

The verse is planned as an ongoing project, but all chapters are complete units and can be read as finished standalones

Author disclaimer: I do not own NCIS characters, only toy with them for my and others' enjoyment; I do not gain any money or favours out of this game; I have never suggested that the characters in the show would engage in any particular sexual behaviour, unfortunately. Please read up on fanfic, and then go hunt down real bad guys. Thank you.

Note1: Best read in the order listed in the index, not the order posted.
Note2: I'm not the author, only the beta.


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