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Cool cool app game allowing you to make pottery and decorate it. If you're going to waste time with games on your phone, this is at least creative! Great fun
Colour selection is a bit limited and I hope they develop it further and allow more complex throwing and design. Nice game.

Samples below )
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Adam Art Spoons design is now available.
Shirts, cards, decorative items.
Give a friend some spoons.

Artist will take orders.

#spoon theory, #spoons, #spoonie, #spoony, #invisible disability, #disability, #chronic illness, #adamart, #t-shirts, #shop, #gifts, #gift, #gift idea

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UPdated tumblr with what we saw last weekend and this weekend on our round in Vincennes.


What we did take:
Over 30 books, French as well as language learning (English, Italian and German).
Most of these will get resold. Some we put in a box and left downstairs for the neighbours. Same for French Cluedo and Scrabble.
One shelving unit with a wonky leg
One low tv unit, which will serve for seating as well as storage.
3 planters for our window
2 metal baskets of the sort that hang under the shelf.
Plastic drawer/box.
Green triangular metal mesh (can't think what it's meant for, but looks practical).
lamp, with functional LED bulb

Bits of jewelry, a picture in a frame, wooden toy drawer.
What did we find last week?

The plants and pots. A couple of sticks. A couple of books that we probably should have left behind,
and this picture (will link when photo is up).

New furniture means some more stuff is going to Freecycle.
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Posted on tumblr what we saw this weekend round town and did not take.


What we did take:
Just around the corner:
28 proper books*. Mostly archaeology**. One book about cats.
21 booklets, thin books, hand books, and archaeology magazine issues.
3 large boxes.
Loads of images, photos, and postcards of actual digs - did not take mostly.
Mega loads of archaeology papers and writing and notebooks. Didn't take.
1 mug with medieval stuff on it - several more novelty mugs we didn't take.
1 cat figurine thingie for hanging on wall. Whoever this person was, they were cool.

A bit further down the road:
1 good small round chair for the computer.
Several big papers for oil painting.
1 medium sized canvas for same.
1 old cool scrabble board which we might just hang on the wall for what it looks like.
Hidden in with the scrabble for some odd reason, a small metal oval box with a painting of a 1920s lady. May be that old.

Around our small town:
1 corked and sealed bottle of truffle oil. Not gonna use for food, but what a gorgeous bottle.
1 large calendar of fantasy art. Probably will hang several of the pictures.
3 sort of metal net bassinets thingies which will be useful.
1 bit of thick beautiful counter wood for to block the bit behind the fridge where the cats keep trying to sneak, just back to our street.

Photos to come.

*When we took the corner, there was already a guy going through the books. Luckily, he was there for the French. We were there for the English. I think he took a few English ones earlier, but it didn't matter that much, there was plenty to share. There were also German books. Seriously, whoever threw these, was cool.

(Credit to baronjanus for making the list and posting before me).

Will post pics here, and a list of the books, if there's interest.

=+=+=+=+ =+=+=+=+


Mar. 9th, 2014 11:57 pm
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I made a tumblr. Decided to share with the world the stuff we find on the streets.

Let's rephrase that. Where we live, if you have "big garbage" to throw out, you should leave it on the curb Sunday evening. So, Sunday evenings, there's people going around the town picking up stuff.
Now, this is a well-to-do town, so it can be really good stuff. New things, or old furniture in perfect condition, or actual antiques. We've had some of the great finds over the years.

So, here's me sharing with the world what's on the streets of Vincennes:

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Honour Turing's Legacy: Pardon All Men Convicted for Being Gay!

Alan Turing was posthumously pardoned by the Queen for his conviction under the "Gross Indecency" law that punished men for being gay. Now, it's time we extended that pardon.

The pardoning of Alan Turing was a step in the right direction - an acknowledgement that Britain's policies toward gay men were at one time completely misguided. But this single symbolic pardon isn't enough. There are still 15,000 men living today who were charged with the same crime.

Beginning in 1885, these men were charged with "gross indecency" and sentenced to jail, manual labor, and even chemical castration, as was the case in Turing's sentence. The law was written such that judges and lawyers could prosecute almost any case of homosexual acts where it could not be proven that there was sex involved.

Please sign the petition asking for the UK government to pardon the remaining men who were charged under the "gross indecency" laws.

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We found pretty wooden wall mounted clock on our last object-throwing-Sunday walk.
So, I went googling for how to clean the wood. Several hours and a zillion tabs later,
I share with you: Cleaning naturally - recipes and ideas. I skip the standard vinegar and baking soda. Today's helpers are mostly salt, lemon, oil and tea. And water.

A whole guide

Make your own deodorising disks to freshen up trouble spots


Tea (mostly wood and windows)

natural wood

hardwood or laminate floors: sweep, vacuum, mop with "damp dry mop", and dry.

Bonus, about.com's speed cleaning links
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You know those Click to Donate sites for all sorts of good causes?
http://www.thenonprofits.com/ provides a convenient list of click links to choose from, divided by topic. Go, click, donate a tree.
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[personal profile] baronjanus made me three new icons for fighting spirit.

They're excellent. Much more suited to the vibe I need than the pink ribbon, that really isn't my thing.

Most recent ad I've seen on this topic was with Mark Harmon, which is the first time I saw a guy speak on this topic. I like that.


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